First Consideration:

We combine Investment Expertise with Qualified Plan Knowledge. Our specialization brings the following advantages:

  • Proper plan design—which, over time, can be more important than investment performance.
  • Appropriate fund menu construction—that takes full advantage of government statutory protections, but can accommodate the wide variety of participant circumstances.
  • Full and clear disclosure of all plan related fees—broken down by service and/or service provider for easy comparison.

Second Consideration:

Plan sponsors are required to periodically Validate plan fees By performing some form of Comparison. Our full service process and full fee disclosure method, once presented, will provide a highly competitive comparison that will:

  • Validate the competitiveness of your current service provider’s fees and services.
  • Potentially reduce your current fees via the natural competitive forces associated with full fee disclosure.
  • If warranted, be a catalyst for change that results in significant improvements to your plan.

Third (and most important) Consideration:

Process is paramount. There are many competent investment advisors, but investment advice alone, absent an appropriate, consistent and documented process that is suitable for qualified retirement plans, can create dangerous vulnerabilities for a plan’s fiduciaries. Competent investment advice is important, but it is most certainly not enough. The operation of a qualified retirement plan is first about process!

If you are not sure about your plan’s process, then that is your most compelling reason to talk with us.

Please note: Any contact and non-public plan information provided to us will be held confidential and will not be shared with any other party, unless we are authorized to do so. Furthermore, we will only initiate follow up contact based on the terms requested by each prospective customer.